Fleet Vehicles

How much do you really save if your fleet vehicle is running on LPG ?



Two commercial vehicles e.g. 2004+ Toyota Hiaces – one running on petrol, and the other on LPG – converted using the new Easy Fast LPG Sequential Injection systems which has around the same fuel efficiency as petrol.

If both travelled 30,000 km in a year, had a fuel consumption of 10 litres per 100km, and with petrol priced at $1.45 per litre, and LPG at $0.75 per litre – the savings that could be achieved by the LPG vehicle would be $1875. (Per savings calculator)


Due to the higher mileage/fuel use of most business vehicles – and the GST being claimable if registered – the savings are substantial to a fleet owner.
Business user can also recoup the conversion cost as a capital expense – check with your accountant for specifics.

To find out how many months it would take to recoup the cost of  LPG conversion for your vehicle/s, please refer to our savings calculator

Choose the vehicle conversion option that will achieve the maximum savings

There are three options when purchasing LPG converted fleet vehicles.

  • Dedicated LPG vehicles – vehicles that operate only on LPG.
  • Factory Fitted Dual fuel vehicles – vehicles which operate on LPG or petrol.
  • After-market conversion – vehicles which are converted after purchase.

Dedicated LPG vehicles are usually cheaper to purchase than dual fuel vehicles, but may have a reduced resale value when sold back into the private sector. Reduced resale value will reduce economies of fuel savings made.

Statistics have shown that 50% of conversion cost is usually recouped from the added resale value of converted fleet vehicles. Historically the cost of after-market conversion has been substantially cheaper than vehicles purchased with factory fit systems.

After-market conversion allows the option to choose the latest technology to provide optimum savings and efficiencies. Due to the time frame of vehicle manufacturers selecting components and the actual release of the vehicle, the LPG system fitted to the vehicle may not provide the optimum benefits available.