Tank Testing

As the tank is a pressure vessel it is a statutory requirement it be retested and stamped every 10 years to ensure the safety features are maintained.

Tank Testing Lovato Autogas is an approved Tank Test Station, licensed to test and re-stamp LPG automotive and other cylinders as per the relevant Australian Standard 1425. The Australian standard requires that the cylinder shall be removed from the vehicle by a licensed LP Gas installer, emptied of gas, the valving removed and the cylinder visually inspected internally and externally for damage and defects.

Once inspected a new pressure relief valve shall be fitted, valving and seals renewed where required and the cylinder pressure tested to 2300 kpa. The cylinder is then stamped and will comply for another 10 years.

Our (normally same day) service will have you back on the road and enjoying the benefits of LPG in no time.

Beware: Not all Test Stations pressure test vessels – therefore small pinholes not visible to the eye will not be detected.

A legal inspection requires all valves to be replaced at the time of inspection.