So why convert to Autogas ?


  • Dramatically reduced fuel bills
  • Increased engine life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved cold engine response
  • Drastically reduced harmful emissions

Types of systems

There are basically two types of LPG systems currently available:
The Vacuum Induction (Venturi) system that has been around for decades – generally suited to vehicles built 1990-2003 and the new Easy Fast LPG Sequential Injection System – generally suited to late model vehicles built 2004+. 
Please speak to your local installer for price and availablilty of an applicable system to suit your vehicle.

So start saving money $$$$

Typically Autogas is 50% cheaper that petrol and that means you can start saving from the first fill.

And protect the evironment

LPG gas is more environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel.