You can save up to 50 % on fuel costs by running your vehicles on automotive LPG (Autogas).

Save Money That’s because LPG is generally half the price of petrol. In addition, LPG combustion is cleaner than petrol, so there’s less wear and tear on the engine, extending the life of the engine.

LPG is cheaper than petrol because the industry is very well established in Australia – and there is an abundance of supply.
There is also no excise tax applied by the Australian Government on LPG. Both these factors contribute to making LPG about half the price of petrol.

Retail LPG prices move in a similar manner to petrol prices. Price fluctuations reflect the highly competitive nature of the industry, with retailers discounting products to protect and gain market share at times of low demand.
It is also generally accepted that 50% of the cost of the conversion price can be recouped upon the resale of the vehicle. 

If saving up to 50% on fuel costs isn’t enough reason to convert your vehicle to LPG, consider the environmental benefits – because that’s something that benefits us all !