The environmental benefits of LPG

Environmentally Friendly

As well as saving you money – LPG can also help the environment.

LPG powered vehicles are far less polluting than their petrol-powered equivalents.

LPG reduces greenhouse emissions substantially, and is widely acknowledged as a green fuel. e.g. BP Autogas has been certified as ‘Greenhouse Friendly’ by Australian Greenhouse Office.

Studies show that if a modern vehicle is converted to LPG, exhaust gas emissions are reduced as follows:

  • 34% reduction in oxides of nitrogen
  • 15% reduction in carbon dioxide (the most important of the greenhouse gases which are causing long-term climate change).
  • Virtually zero evaporative emissions of hydrocarbons
Combustion of LPG also results in less, and in some cases none of the following harmful emissions:
  • Carbon monoxide – 50-60% reduction in tailpipe emissions
  • Smog – 30-40% reduction in tailpipe emissions
  • Sulphur dioxide – potentially zero emissions
  • Air toxins – potentially zero emissions