About LPG

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) – also referred to as Autogas – recognised as the most important and widely accepted alternative fuel.

LPG  is the generic name used for mixtures of hydrocarbons (mainly propane and butane). When these mixtures are lightly compressed they change from a gaseous state to a liquid.
Automotive LPG (Autogas) is specifically designed for use in a vehicle – with the specification governed by the requirements of the National Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 and the Autogas Determination 2003.

The benefits of using/converting to LPG are:

  • Smoother, quieter, cleaner running for your car
  • Extended engine life
  • Much more environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel
  • Around half the price of petrol
  • Lower service costs
  • The ability to run on both petrol and gas – extending the cruising range
  • Improved safety using Approved LPG systems – offering better crash/fire tolerance
  • Business – high use vehicles – benefit most from the fuel cost savings
  • Added reliability – many petrol vehicle breakdowns are related to their fuel system
  • Creates option of using one larger/luxury car for all journeys in lieu of operating two personal vehicles
  • Vehicle value enhanced – especially on larger engined or luxury cars where running costs are reduced

Find out more facts from the LPG Autogas web site, or the Australian Institute of Petroleum web sites.